Frequently Asked Questions about TireSoft

Your Questions Answered

Hardware Requirements – Do I need a server?

A designated server is not required to run TireSoft. We understand the needs of the small business owner – keep it simple, affordable and easy. TireSoft runs on a Microsoft Windows platform, so just about any Windows PC will work. TireSoft will run using a peer-to-peer network, no big hardware requirements necessary. If you prefer the “no hassle” approach, we also offer a Cloud option, accessible from any wi-fi connection. 

TireSoft vs Separate Accounting Integration?

TireSoft was written specifically to manage all aspects of a Tire & Auto Service Center business. Why add a second layer of software to do what TireSoft already does? TireSoft doesnt “integrate” to a separate Generic accounting program because TireSoft is more than a glorified cash register. TireSoft has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide one seamless, integrated software package to manage Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounts Receivable AND Accounts Payable, Checkbook through Management & Financial reporting.

Real Time or Batching?

TireSoft works in Real Time. As soon as a transaction is competed, records are immediately updated. With each retail sale transaction, inventory is adjusted, sales are updated. Print a check, checkbook balance is adjusted. All corrections and adjustments are made in real time as well, no need to "export" or "transfer" data to other software to process payments or make adjustments. 

Do I need Special Forms?

TireSoft uses standard Quickbooks check stock for check writing (check on top). All other print jobs are printed on plain white paper (or color of your choice). Again, TireSoft works to keep costs at a minimum with no special forms required.