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TireSoft SQL Version


TireSoft SQL Version

Very excited about this release. Reports / documents may now be sent via E-mail!

New report added - SHARE OF ACCOUNT REPORT - compares current year to prior year, current month to same month prior year, Sales $$ and Units OR Purchase $$ and units. This report is a MUST for all TIRE PRO dealers who much report this data and a real plus for all tire shops that like to analyze data from year to year. 

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TireSoft SQL Version 1.8


TireSoft SQL Version has been released. Our Newletter details the Enhancements & Bug fixes and In the Works features to come. Contact TireSoft for a copy of the newletter!

Chip & Pin


Chip & Pin - are you ready?

Our latest newsletter spells out the move that will quickly be upon retailers across the country. The industry projects 50-60% of credit cards could be chip-based by the end of the year. (request our newsletter for the full and complete article)

Although STORES reports that its not necessary for small business to be 100% ready to run chip-based cards on Oct 1, It is necessary to understand the new system, which will require new equipment and make retailers responsible for fraudulent transactions. "Under the new system, if a retailer accepts a chip card but doesnt have a chip reader, the bank will no longer bear responsibility for fraud if the card is counterfeit, shifting the burden to the retailer."  



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Latest News!


The Power of a Click! 

Sell from ATD's stock just like it's your own! TireSoft now includes the ability to Look-Up AND order tires directly from ATD, saving you time and keystokes. A purchase order is created in TireSoft upon completing your order, updating your on hand units once the tires arrive. 

Latest Enhancements!

Product Maintenance - a button has been added to refresh choices displayed in the drop lists. This button allows new Brands, Comments, Lines etc to be added without leaving the product screen.

Creating Purchase Orders from Epicor ISE or ATDConnect, the purchase order number, which defaults to the work order number, will be automatically added to the from of the description for all NON-Stocking products ordered.

Credit Card Transfer Procedure - this feature allows invoices for one vendor to be charged to another vendor for payment. Example - paying your parts house with your credit card - records payment on the parts house as Paid by Credit Card". That "Paid" balance then transfers to your credit card vendor for future payment. 

American Tire Distributors


OnLine Look-up and Electronic Ordering is now available. With the click of a button, you may now view Local & National stocking levels in ATD. Find what you need, place the order. TireSoft generates a purchase order to immediately update your onhand units when the tires arrive saving you time and keystrokes.

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New Website


Our new Website has launched! 

TireSoft SQL


TireSoft has released the newest version of our program - TireSoft SQL. 

Many new features, functions and new partnerships to make running your tire and automotive center more efficient. Go to Software Tour to learn more!