Keeping you up to date on new releases

TireSotfSQL Version 2019.9.15.1



The interface to Podium has been updated from V2 to V3 of their API.

1st Mile

The interface to 1stMile/Merchant Partners API has been updated to include the additional credit cards and financing options they support.

NTW Conversion

The interface to the TCi API has been converted to the new NTW API. They are still supporting two APIs, one for NTW and another for Carroll Tire. It is our understanding that everything is going to get converted to the NTW API standard in the future. Currently they are not supporting any tire images in the NTW API. We have requested that they add this feature back in.


The interface to the CarFax API has been updated to include their new security protocols.

TireSotfSQL Version 2019.6.15.1


Podium Integration

TireSoft is excited to announce Podium as the latest addition to our list of partners. Podium is the leading Interaction Management platform for tire dealers. From getting found online to winning repeat business, Podium powers every step. It's the simplest way to collect reviews, gather insights, and talk to your current and prospective customers in real-time through text. Tiresoft has built an integration with Podium that allows you to easily ask your customers for public reviews or for private feedback with very little effort via text message at the time they pick up their vehicle. For more information or a demo, please contact Podium at 1-833-276-3486 via phone or text, email at, or visit their website at

For Tire Pros dealers only, Podium's internal Feedback-NPS service is 100% free. Get immediate, private feedback from your customers you can take action on today to improve your customer satisfaction. Contact Podium directly to get started, or contact your Tire Pros Regional Manager with more questions.

TireSotfSQL Version 2019.3.29.1


Credit Card Token Bug Fix

This update contains a quick fix to the interface with First Mile. It was brought to our attention, thanks Phillip, that tokenizing a credit card did not work 100% of the time. Working with First Mile technical support we were quickly able to trace the error to a definition problem. We interpreted their interface documentation one way and they meant it another way. Obviously we were wrong. So this release corrects this small problem and all stored credit card tokens should now work. Changes to First Mile present a challenge in that we can only do limited testing. So if you encounter any problems with tokenized transactions after this update please contact software support immediately.

TireSotfSQL Version 2019.2.10.1


Sales Form Print Update

This update contains a modification to the form used to print Sales Invoices, Estimates and Work Orders(Sales Form). We have been informed of certain state regulatory requirements that require that separate Parts and Labor subtotals be printed on the forms.

Quick Tire Quote Bug Fix

This update fixes a bug in the Quick Tire Quote. The third column, normally labeled best, could not be completed unless there was a Product input for the second column.

TireSotfSQL Version 2018.10.16.1


Web Tire API 

This update contains modifications to the Tire Web Services for Carroll Tire and US AutoForce. Both of these suppliers made unannounced changes to their Web Services API that caused very specific errors. For Carroll Tire, under very precise circumstances, tires could be left off the returned look up results. For US AutoForce, tires ordered from an alternate warehouse could be delayed if the primary warehouse could fill any part of the order.