Keeping you up to date on new releases

TireSotfSQL Version 2018.9.20.1


Carroll Tire Integrated

Carroll Tire has been integrated into the Tire Vendor's Web Services. To enable Carroll Tire from the Main Menu select File> Configuration> Tire Vendor's Web Services> Carroll Tire. Input the same Username and Password currently being used to access Carroll Tire On Line.

Appointment Book 

The Appointment Book has been modified to increase the default column width. Also the column widths have been equalized when there is fewer then 4 Appointment Resources. The current behavior has multiple narrow columns followed by one wider column.

Report Viewer

The initial display of the Report Preview window has been greatly enlarged for easier viewing.

Cash Flow Statement Bug Fix

The Cash Flow Statement has been fixed to print the correct value in the Current Beginning Cash Balance column.

CRM Configuration Dialog Bug Fix

The CRM Configuration dialog window has been fixed to display the correct Provider selected from the drop down list.

TireSotfSQL Version 2018.3.1.1 Released


Model Column Added

Model column to the Work Orders browse. This was requested by many users as it seems it is easier to know the car being serviced by the Model rather then the customer's name.

1st Mile Update

The interface with 1st Mile has been updated to allow for the processing of the Synchrony family of credits cards. This includes Car Care One, Tire Pros Card, Discount Tire Card, ect... With this release TireSoftSQL is officially certified to process Synchrony cards.

TireSotfSQL Version 2017.12.1.1 Released


myCARFAX Integration Added

The myCARFAX loyalty program has been around for over a year, but required the customer to initiate the enrollment process. CARFAX has now released a Web Service that allows the enrollment process to be integrated into third party software like TireSoftSQL. When invoicing a Work Order, TireSoftSQL automatically checks to see whether a customer is a current myCARFAX user, and if not, creates an account for the customer. Your shop is then automatically set as the customer's Favorite Shop in the myCARFAX App. When the customer's vehicle is due for service, CARFAX will then promote your shop as the recommended service location. Using this feature is also a great way to start accumulating customer Email addresses for marketing purposes. CARFAX even offers a free blast email service to drive business to your shop. To help with the training we have created a video and posted it to our TireSoft youTube channel.

TireSotfSQL Version 2017.8.1.1


Customer Phone Number Printing

A modification has been made to the elimination of printing of customer phone numbers on Estimates, Work Orders and Sales Invoices from the last update. The elimination of printing the phone numbers was done based on a request from a number of users. The quality control and support teams checked with a few users and it was agreed this would not be a very big deal. Well based on the large number of phone calls, we were wrong! Evidently we did not contact the correct group of users about what impact this change would have on how the software is being used. So in this update we have corrected this problem with a compromise, up to three phone numbers will now be printed for a customer on Estimates, Work Orders and Sales Invoices. This should appease those users that like the numbers printed and those users that have customers with a large quantity of phone numbers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. We have updated the pool of users we contact with regard to software changes in the hope of avoiding this type of problem in the future.

General Ledger Out Of Balance Bug Fix

This problem has been around since the first release of the software. It happens so rarely that the QC folks could not give the programmers much to go on. But finally it happened in such a way that it gave a clue on what was causing the problem and the programming team was able to fix it.

Tickler Messages Not Deleting Bug Fix

Deleting customer Tickler Messages has not worked for the last three updates. It now functions as expected. The "Clear Tickler Message" button must be clicked prior to clicking the "Save" button for the Tickler Message to be deleted.

Sales Invoices View Only Bug Fix

Sales Invoices that contained a "Warranty Adjustment" did not display correctly when accessed with the "View" button. 

TireSotfSQL Version 2017.5.1.1


Synchrony Added

Support for the Synchrony credit card has been added to 1st Mile/Merchant Partners. This adds support for a number of private label credit cards as well as the CarCareOne card. Even if you are not set up to except these cards you can still process them, as they are basically a Discover Card. You will just not be able to offer the special terms that CarCareOne merchants can.

Block Out Time on Appointment Book

The ability to “block out” times has been added to the appointment book. This feature can be accessed directly from the Appointment Book by clicking the Block Appointment Times… button. This will open a dialog box that contains multiple ways to block/unblock appointment times for any given resource. With the addition of this feature, the Appointment Book will no longer allow the double booking of a time for a given resource.

Quick Quote Changes

The Quick Quote Tires feature has two major enhancements. The first enhancement, the single most requested item, is the ability to quote additional items besides the actual tire. Quick Quote Tires now allows for two additional products to be quoted with each tire. The most common usage for this is to quote installation and warranty amounts. With the addition of this feature, the program will now process any Sales Add Ons that have been assigned to the tire being quoted. The second enhancement was the addition of a Price Calculator button to be able to compute Retail Prices. This button works exactly the same as the Price Calculator button currently in the Estimator, Work Order and Sales Invoicing programs.

Motor Data Enhanced

The View Motor Service Specs has been enhanced to include the new oil filter data Motor is now providing. There is now a separate section titled LUBE, OIL & FILTER. The biggest enhancement in this data is the new “Procedural” information regarding performing the oil change.