Keeping you up to date on new releases

TireSotfSQL Version 2016.10.7.1


ATD Upgrade

Web Interface to ATDConnect has been upgraded to ATD's latest version, which now provides tire images.

Time Clock Enhancement 

Employee Time Clock Punch In/Out screen now displays weekly hours in addition to daily hours. Weekly hours include the current day's time worked.

Report Added

A new report has been added to the Reports Menu. Employee Tire Card Report will print the time cards for all employees for a given date range.

Report Modified

Product Price List Report has been modified to allow the option to include/exclude cost and margin information.

OpenSSL Upgraded

TireSoftSQL has been updated to use the latest version of OpenSSL for secure Web Services communications. Some the newer versions of Windows were not allowing access to Carfax thru the older version.

Special Note

Carfax should be sending MONTHLY emails showing a monthly summary of your locations activity. If you are not receiving this report, please let us know and we will notify Carfax. Carfax also provides myCarfax Point-of-Purchase display packages. If you have never received yours, please contact us. We will notify our contact at Carfax to send this to you.

TireSotfSQL Version 2016.3.8.1


Display Added to Work Orders

Can now display any existing Work Orders or Estimates for customers when beginning a new Work Order.

Dead Products Browse

This was made as a Display, so product maintenance can be done from the Browse - such as flagging product as "Discontinued", changing a price or tier.

Discounts by Customer

A customer can have a separate Parts and Labor discount per each PRODUCT TYPE. The discount can be a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.


First Mile/Merchant Partners has just released the update for chip cards. TireSoft has just returned our program update awaiting First Mile's approval for field updates.

FET Bug Fix

Corrected the problem where the program allowed an FET amount greater than 99.99.

Random Signature Bug Fix

Hopefully correct the random problem of signatures appearing on Work Orders and invoices. Programming was unable to duplicate this error, but code has been added that should prevent this from happening in the future.


TireSotfSQL Version 2016.2.5.1


Sales Invoice/Work Order/ Estimate Change

When changing the Customer or starting a New Sales Invoice, Work Order or Estimate, the TireSoft SQL now notifies the user if the customer has any existing Work Order or Estimates.

Committed Detail Button Added

A button has been added for "Committed Detail..." to both Products maintenance and Products Look Up windows. The button opens a window to display the detail of which Work Orders the product is committed to.

Work Order Comment/Notes Print Option Added

An option has been added to Sales Preferences that allows Product Comments and Printed Notes input on Work Orders to be printed on the Work Order.

1St Mile Change

TireSoft SQL is now passing the Work Order# as the Order# when processing 1st Mile Payments. This should eliminate the "Duplicate Transaction" warning message and problem. 

State Default Added

When adding or changing a Vehicle, when entering a License Number, the State will default to the state of the store address.

Sort Added to Apply Costs

Added a column for Salesperson to the Apply Cost window. This allows the Sales Detail Lines to be sorted and filtered by Salesperson. 

Web Tire Search Changes

 Multiple changes have been made to the Web Tire Search window. New filters have been added for MFG Part# and Description. Products with zero Quantity will be displayed. A list box has been added to show supply at alternate US AutoForce warehouses. When electronically ordering Products from US AutoForce, TireSoft SQL will allow the selection of an alternate warehouse to ship the product from if the standard warehouse does not carry the number of units you wish to order.

Sales Tax Option Added

Added the ability to select an optional Sales Tax Rate Group to an Estimate, Work Order or Sales Invoice. Sales Tax Rate Groups may be set-up for different groups of customers who do not pay the full retail sales tax rate. To set-up Sales Tax Rate Groups, go to File/Configurations/Taxes.

Financial Statement Export Added

An option has been added to export financial statements to .csv files. The .csv file may be imported into any spreadsheet program. For users on the CLOUD, when creating the .csv files, please be AWARE that the file must be saved to YOUR personal hard drive, it cannot be retrieved from the CLOUD.

Changed In Stock Only Default

Changed the "In Stock Only" default in Product Look Up to only apply when calling the lookup from Sales, Estimates, Work Orders or Quotes.

Shop Supply/Disposal Fee Bug Fix

Fixed the Shop Supply/Disposal Fee Maximum being ignored on work imported from the Epicor Internet Service Estimator.

Epicor ISE Bug Fix

Have found and corrected the intermittent electronic parts ordering problem when using the Epicor Internet Service Estimator (ISE). The error had to do with Substitute/Alternate part information being returned when the parts inquiry is done. 

TireSoftSQL Version 2015.11.17.1


Work Order print Option Added

TireSoft SQL now allows the use to choose the type of form to print when printing a work order - Work Order or Sales Invoices. Many have requested this feature, skipping the Estimate process and work directly from the Work Order. In the past, the work order did not include dollar values - now available to print dollar values using the Sales Invoice option.

1st Mile Bug Fix

Fixes have been made for customers that had a comma in the address line - this was causing the payment to fail.

Work Order to Invoice Bug Fix

Deleting a payment line, then trying to add a payment line was causing an error. This has been fixed.

Shop/Disposal Fee bug fix 

Shop or Disposal Fees Having a ZERO maximum amount defined for a Shop or Disposal fee that is computed by percentage was causing no dollar amount to be computed. A ZERO maximum is now treated as unlimited.

TireSoftSQL Version 2015.9.28.1


Shop & Disposal Fees Changed

The often requested ability to cap shop and or disposal fees by invoice has been implemented with this release. This does require that all Shop and Disposal fees computed by percentage contain a maximum amount to charge. This can be edited by going to Maintenance, Sales Invoicing, Shop Fees or Disposal fees. If a maximum is not entered, no shop or disposal fee will be computed.