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TireSoftSQL Version 2015.8.16.1


New Web Tire Search

TCI and US Autoforce have been to the Vendor Integration list. The previous ATDConnect procedure has now been replaced with the Web Tire Search procedure. This change was done to reflect the new ability to search, select and order tires from multiple warehouses at the same time. We are always looking to add more, so if you have a supplier you wish to have included just provide us with a contact person. 

New/Old Sales Analysis Reports

Because sometimes change is not always for the better, we have added back the original Sales Analysis reports that were
available in TireSoft to TireSoftSQL. Most of our conversion customers made it very clear, big understatement, that they
would like these reports back. We heard you loud and clear!

Appointment Change

The ability to change the date of an appointment has been added. The time could always be changed, but not the date.
This made it extra work to handle a customer that wished to change the date of their appointment. Now it is as easy as
double clicking on the appointment and selecting a new date.

VIN Decode Added

When adding/change a vehicle you can now input the VIN# and click the “Get Vehicle From Carfax” button and it will return the Year, Make, Model and Engine. It does not return the Tag# and State.

TireSoftSQL Version 2015.6.19.1


Reports / documents may now be sent via E-mail!

Any report cam ne emailed or saved as a PDF. Both of these options are available on the Print Preview window.


Report compares current year to prior year, current month to same month prior year, Sales $$ and Units OR Purchase $$ and units. This report is a MUST for all TIRE PRO dealers who much report this data and a real plus for all tire shops that like to analyze data from year to year. 

TireSoftSQL Version 2015.5.22.1


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Chip & Pin


Chip & Pin - are you ready?

Our latest newsletter spells out the move that will quickly be upon retailers across the country. The industry projects 50-60% of credit cards could be chip-based by the end of the year. (request our newsletter for the full and complete article)

Although STORES reports that its not necessary for small business to be 100% ready to run chip-based cards on Oct 1, It is necessary to understand the new system, which will require new equipment and make retailers responsible for fraudulent transactions. "Under the new system, if a retailer accepts a chip card but doesnt have a chip reader, the bank will no longer bear responsibility for fraud if the card is counterfeit, shifting the burden to the retailer."  



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