Latest News!

Posted by Lisa on 04/08/2015

The Power of a Click! 

Sell from ATD's stock just like it's your own! TireSoft now includes the ability to Look-Up AND order tires directly from ATD, saving you time and keystokes. A purchase order is created in TireSoft upon completing your order, updating your on hand units once the tires arrive. 

Latest Enhancements!

Product Maintenance - a button has been added to refresh choices displayed in the drop lists. This button allows new Brands, Comments, Lines etc to be added without leaving the product screen.

Creating Purchase Orders from Epicor ISE or ATDConnect, the purchase order number, which defaults to the work order number, will be automatically added to the from of the description for all NON-Stocking products ordered.

Credit Card Transfer Procedure - this feature allows invoices for one vendor to be charged to another vendor for payment. Example - paying your parts house with your credit card - records payment on the parts house as Paid by Credit Card". That "Paid" balance then transfers to your credit card vendor for future payment.