TireSotfSQL Version 2019.10.25.1

Posted by Lisa on 10/25/2019

Two Way Text Messaging Added

After many hours of head scratching and programming nightmares we are pleased to announce that TireSoftSQL now supports two way text messaging. None of this would have been possible without the ingenuity and tireless effort of our chief programmer Brian McGinnis. To most this sounds like a simple task, but it is way more complex than one would think. It required the development of a special website to handle the traffic of all text messages being sent and received. It also required the development of a service, that runs at each customer's site, that periodically queries the web server to see if any messages have been received. It then loads those received messages into the customer's database so they can be viewed. There are a couple of ground rules that apply to this feature. The single most important rule is that you can not receive text messages from any number that you did not send a text message to. The only way the website knows how to route incoming messages is by the phone number sending the message. It sounds crazy but the incoming message has no information that refers to the outgoing message. Our new website logs which TireSoftSQL license sent a message to a given phone number. This log is then used to route incoming messages to the proper store. Another rule is that there will always be a delay between an outgoing message and a response. This does not work like an iPhone. The service at your location checks for incoming messages about every five minutes. The last rule is that the service does not handle images or Emojis. If a customer replies with a" thumbs up" the message will look like an incoherent string of characters. This is something that is being worked on, but no solution has been found yet.

A new button, SMS Text Message, has been added to the main toolbar. Clicking this button will open a window that displays a list of all phone numbers outgoing messages have been sent to. Selecting any row in the list will display the conversation for that phone number. There are also buttons to Print the Conversation and to Send a Message to the phone number. The text for the new button will change to New Messages and the color will change to red whenever there are unread messages from your customers.

Appointment Book Reminders Enhanced

Since the software now has the ability to receive response messages a new feature has also been added to outgoing Appointment Reminders. Two new "placeholder" words are now available to be used in outgoing Appointment Reminders, $DATE and $TIME. These words will be replaced in the message with the actual date and time of the Appointment. This allows users to create a generic reminder for all Appointment Reminder text messages. For example you could create a stored message like: Just a reminder of your scheduled appointment on $DATE at $TIME. Please respond YES to confirm or NO to cancel.

Special Note

We have also noticed that many of you are not including a store name and phone number in your messages. The size of messages was increased a number of updates ago, so there is no reason not to include your store tagline in all messages. While many of you are using the text messaging feature, many of you are not. We hope with the addition of two way messaging more of you will take advantage of this great feature.