TireSotfSQL Version 2020.7.20.1

Posted by Lisa on 07/20/2020


TireHub Integration

We are excited to announce that this version of TireSoftSQL includes our integration with TireHub. With the addition of TireHub, TireSoftSQL now integrates with the biggest national nation tire distributors, ATD, NTW, US Autoforce and TireHub. Activating this integration is as simple as inputting your Dealer ID (the Ship To ID on your TireHub Sales Invoice) in the TireHub configuration screen. The TireHub configuration screen can be accessed from the main menu by selecting File> Configurations> Tire Vendor's Web Services> TireHub.

Text Message Retention 

This update contains a modification as to how long the software stores inbound and outbound text messages. The software will now only recetain text messages sent and/or received within the last thirty days.