The dreaded question - What is all of this going to cost?

TireSoft has always strived to keep costs contained, keeping in mind the resources available to the business owner, whether your business is big or small. 

1. TireSoft is $499.00, for the COMPLETE package.

This price is below many generic, off the shelf software packages from your local office supply, considerably less than the "other" custom tire & automotive shop software.

2. Monthly Subscription is $179.95.  

Includes all software updates and unlimited support. Access to data from MOTOR and Carfax. Integration with ATD, TireHub, US Autoforce, NTW, Carroll Tire, 1st Mile payment solutions and 2 way text messaging.

Add-ons & upgrades

3. (Optional) CLOUD service is $125 per month.

The CLOUD service is $125 per month. The CLOUD is a great option for anyone who would prefer to leave the network set-up and management to someone else. No hardware costs, no maintenance, and data backups are managed by the CLOUD. The CLOUD also offers access from any internet connection. On vacation, no worries, access is still available!

4. (Optional) Epicor-ISE

EpicorISE - cost for EpicorISE software & training will be provided upon request and is paid directly to Epicor. Monthly subscription for EpicorISE is approximately $99 + tax.

5. Other Optional Services

Accounting Services, Product/Inventory Set-up, Custom Labor codes, Custom General Ledger Accounts will be quoted upon request.