What is TireSoft?

TireSoft was founded in 1998 to develop best in class software and accounting services to the retail tire industry. In 2001 our first product was launched for the Windows platform. The company has always believed in providing a completely integrated package encompassing all aspects of shop management. Our software has all the features needed to run a profitable shop; Point Of Sale, Inventory Control, Sales Reporting, Purchasing, Cash Management, and Financial Statements.

The company has always believed in a “Single Price” philosophy eliminating the need for customers to have to pick and choose which features they wish to purchase. With TireSoft the customer pays one price and decides which features to use. 

Our current package, TireSoftSQL, allows for an unlimited number of users  across multiple hardware configurations. Customers can start with a single computer, move to a small serverless network, then upgrade to a server based network all without having to change software. TireSoft even offers a “Software as a Service” option for those customers who either need access from anywhere or do not want to worry about computer hardware.

Checking the News section will illustrate the company’s commitment to always improving and adapting. From minor bug fixes to major integrations TireSoft is always on the move!  


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