What is TireSoft?

Founder & President, Paul Anderson, began his journey into the world of tires in 1983 when he accepted a position with  Big O Tires franchise corporate headquarters. Personal computers and computers in retail were in their infancy, and the mid 1980’s were a time of great innovation. As National Director of Retail Accounting, Mr Anderson worked directly with independent tire dealers across the country, focusing on the importance of data input at retail and compiling that data into comprehensive management and financial reporting. Mr Anderson was instrumental in creating a software solution for the independent tire and automotive dealer, simple and easy to use on the front side, packed with all the data needed to accurately evaluate the profitability of the business on the back side.

In 1989, Mr Anderson left the corporate environment and started Mountain Stream Management Systems. Later that year, MSMS-TIRE was launched on the DOS platform. By the end of the 90's, Windows had become mainstream.  In 2001, TireSoft was launched on the Windows platform. Our latest release is TireSoftSQL, our most versatile software yet. Remaining on the Windows platform, TireSoftSQL will run on your own stand alone Windows computer/network,  OR you may opt to run on our CLOUD. 

TireSoft has always believed in providing complete and seamless software, no need for any additional software packages to tell you how your business is performing. Mr Anderson’s extensive accounting knowledge and his intimate relationships with dealers over the years, has provided him with the insight to write software to meet every daily function a tire and automotive shop would encounter. 

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