Purchases/Accounts Payable

A Complete & Fully Integrated Software Solution

Tiresoft is fully integrated software, there is no need for second layer, generic accounting software to manage purchases and pay bills.

Many things occur when a purchase is input into TireSoft.

  1. Inventory is immediately updated in Real Time
  2. Accounts Payable aging is updated reflecting new purchase as owed
  3. Purchase is immediately ready to be paid via the checkbook, updating payables and cash in one quick step.

Credit Card Transfers

The most recent addition to Accounts payable provides the ability to pay a vendor by credit card and transferring that paid balance to a credit card vendor for future payment. Many dealers pay some of their bills using their credit card, allowing for extended cash flow, accumulate miles/reward points etc. Whatever the reason, TireSoftSQL keeps track of those transactions for you.